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Get to know me

Am I reserved or am I an extrovert?

You see, we like to believe that we know ourselves. It’s comforting to believe that you have yourself figured out. However, we surprise ourselves all the time, we learn new things about ourselves. We eventually realize that everything we trusted in a few years ago is no longer relevant to us. We evolve

Maybe I was an introvert at some point. I don’t know if I still am. Maybe I’m evolving…

Maybe I’m not. Maybe am actually an extrovert scared of sharing too much. Scared of being vulnerable. Maybe the things I fear now will no longer scare me in the near future and I’ll bloom into my full self.

All I’m trying to make you understand is that; We are never just.

We change. We evolve. So if you’re trying to learn about me, you’ll realize that I am not static like sofa. I am not a red leather padded sofa. I will change today. I will change some more tomorrow.

That’s the beauty of being human. Embrace it with me!