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Forever in my dream

Forever in my dream

You may now kiss each other for the rest of your lives” said the priest.

We had already said our final “I do’s and were pronounced husband and wife. All eyes were on us. It was a life-changing experience for me… this was all wrong but I did it for all the right reasons…love..forbidden love!! I was ready to share him but I wasn’t sure if the wife was ready to share him as well. However, I wasn’t about to let that issue ruin my day. I had hoped that this day would run without hitches and we would tell our love story to our close relatives. My parents were not present as they were against the wedding idea but that did not stop me…I was determined to make him my husband; He was the father of my unborn child; I had made my decision… I wanted to be with him forever!

He held my hand and as we were about to walk out of the church, his wife walked in with a gun in her hand and without uttering a word, she pulled the trigger! He didn’t have any last words, his eyes rolled in the back of his head. She then aimed the gun towards me. I thought; I am going to die, but at least I’ll get to share eternity with my husband! For some reason, I wasn’t worried. The barrel was set straight to my stomach…to my unborn child.  “I wasn’t ready to share him with you. But then I guess he is really worth losing your life over!” she said to me. I smiled at her, closed my eyes and waited for that moment…for her to pull the trigger; then I heard a click and immediately my alarm went off…..It was just a dream!

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