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My ideal writing space

My ideal writing space

I do not have a perfect writing space as I usually write when I’m at work; not because I’m not busy or that my job description involves writing, but because sometimes I get bored and overwhelmed and writing helps calm  my nerves. I write when I need a break from work; to unwind and improve my writing skills. I don’t have a writing schedule, though I’m working towards that because I believe having a schedule and doing it on a regular basis might make me a good writer (I’m hopeful I’ll get there).

When writing, all I need is my laptop and not a pen and paper; it’s too much work for me to write down and later on type. I do not have an ideal setting for my writing space because it doesn’t matter whether I’m in a quiet or noisy place as long as I type my thoughts and ideas. Sometimes I consider writing as therapy especially when I’m angry or sad. I however never post the sad and angry thoughts I type not because I wouldn’t want the world to see me as a sad person (not that I care what people think of me though!) but because I free write and don’t follow any grammar rules as my aim is to get the feelings out as it helps me sort through the puzzle pieces of life.

I believe I do not need a specific writing space; any place will work when inspiration strikes…

So what is your ideal writing space? Do you have a specific place that inspires you? Please share. What do you want me to write about in future? Share ideas on my contact form or in the comments. Thank you.

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  1. Hi Betty, I’m such a fan of your work. I would like to know your dreams and aspirations in life and where you see yourself in the next five years! 🙂

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