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Here for you

Here for you

I know you are going through a tough time in your life,
My prayers are filled with hope, my wishes with lots of anticipation,
Get well soon is my wish for you,
When you get better, we’ll dance in the rain.

I still remember the first day we met,
We were too shy to say much at all,
As time flew, we grew closer,
I found out you could make me laugh hysterically,
I was terrified of falling for you.

I know it’s hard but you need to smile,
Whenever you are in pain and agony,
Close your eyes; think of the memories we created,
The lyrics in our eyes, kisses we exchanged, times you held me,
You will never be alone; I’m not giving up on you!

When things get hard, remember that I care,
When you feel sad and lonely, just keep me in your heart,
When you feel like breaking down, look above,
God will shine down on you.
When there is something on your mind, I will be here to listen and understand.

Day and night I continue to wish for your speedy recovery,
This is a temporary phase and you will surely sail,
Hang in there, soon all this will be behind you,
Until then, everything is just waiting for you,
I am waiting for you…

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