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Hey Cancer,

Hey Cancer,

You leave me at a loss for words, as to how you could take so much with no remorse
With no heart and no soul, you ravage, destroy and rot the body like wood
You suck the life out of everyone you touch, can’t you see how much pain you cause?
Rounds of chemo and radiation, what was bright and shiny slowly turns to grey.

You are a beast of the night, spreading like fire and burning all that you touch
Fuck your insatiable hunger that consumes and consumes, never caring if right
You don’t just affect your victims, you affect the people around them as well
If you’d spread health instead of pain and agony, you’d get so much more applause.

You are selfish! you choose yourself over everyone else because that’s all you know
You hit and kick with heavy blows, you are cruel and mean, unpredictable too
You dangle your victims over a cliff, whirling and twirling them around your fingers
You make me sick to the core, for the uncertainty and hopelessness you create.

You cause anger, depression and uncertainty in the lives of those you encroach on
Do you know what it’s like to watch a loved one struggle with suffering you force upon them?
To watch you take a piece of them everyday? It’s horrible! You made me question my faith!
Because of you, I am a fatherless daughter; because of you, I lost a dear friend.

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  1. This is soo deep dear, i feel you.. I have lost a friend, 26 years old, she has left behind a two years old son and her young husband.. Cancer is the worst nightmare in our society

  2. This is soo deep dear, I feel you. I have lost a friend, 26 years old. She has left behind a two years old son and her husband. Cancer is the worst nightmare in our society

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