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Things I’ve learned

Things I’ve learned

There are so many lessons we learn from life. The more you experience life, the more lessons you accumulate. You can learn valuable lessons from other people, friends, family or from books. Here are some of the valuable lessons I have learned so far;

There is no straight path to success: In order to be successful, you have to put in the work. Success comes with a lot of tears, sweat, chaos, scars and sometimes buried bodies in the backyard (Okay, just kidding about the last one). Every little bit of failure gets you closer to success.

Everything about life is a matter of perspective: How we interpret our life situations, play a crucial role in how our life turns out. There is power in your perspective. I know it’s hard to be appreciative all the time but don’t let a bad moment overshadow all the good times you’ve experienced. What you give power to, has power over you.

If you think of something, do it or someone else will: It’s better to try and fail than not try at all. The step you take towards something is a win regardless of the outcome.

Life is so much better when no one knows what you are up to: Don’t tell people about your goals. Always keep your next move a secret and revel in the glory of your accomplishments.

Not all friendships are meant to last: As we continue to evolve and as life accelerates, people’s priorities shift and our focus is directed towards the most pressing issues. That’s okay though, it’s life. We aren’t meant to keep all the friends we make.

It’s okay to say No: Set boundaries and stick with them. Don’t allow people to bully you into accepting things that you are not comfortable doing.

Growth occurs out of your comfort zone: Take on opportunities that scare you a little bit. Face your fears.

Don’t dwell on the past: Sometimes we dwell so much on the past that we forget to live. You can’t change your past and the mistakes you made, but you can confront your past and change your attitude about it to prevent it from affecting your present life.

If it’s not working, don’t force it: Forcing things can be frustrating and exhausting. Just let them be. However, this is not to mean that you shouldn’t be determined. There is a big difference between the two.

You can never be powerful by playing by the rules; you have to want more out of life; take control and make it happen.

Never seek approval from other people; insecurity is the worst enemy and it will constantly hinder you from progressing. Never worry about what people think about you and most importantly never second guess yourself.

Lastly, free yourself from mental slavery and pay attention to your thoughts by being self-aware and conscious and while at it, learn to recognize when your thoughts are being corrupted by your ego.

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