Perfect Flaws and All

Raw, Unfiltered Thoughts


Everyone wants to feel special and believes they are unique and extraordinary. Well, it’s somewhat true if you believe and act it.

What differentiates extraordinary people from the ordinary ones is their way of thinking and the fact that they actually believe in themselves and don’t pretend to.

On the other hand, what holds back ordinary people from succeeding is coming up with harmonious excuses, complaining, consoling themselves that things will get better, coming up with defensive lies and becoming bystanders in their own lives.

Nothing will change if you don’t wake up and control life instead of letting it control you. Stop being a slave of your own insecurities; don’t look for anyone’s approval, think outside the box and take risks.

People were not created equal, but you can rise and surpass your peers, by thinking in a dominant way. Don’t be afraid to think for yourself. Put in the work. Make moves. It’s time for a change!

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