Perfect Flaws and All

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We met at a tender age,
Introduced by my parents,
As a child, you are the only thing I had,
You kept me grounded,
You drove all the fear away.

And here you are, yet I feel so alone,
Weary from life’s trials,
I don’t know where to turn,
I try to focus on you, but I can’t
I lack the energy I need.

Truth is, I don’t have faith,
And now I’m wondering,
Did I ever believe?
If only you’d put me first,
If only you can give me assurance,
Maybe I can keep fighting.

But I know faith keeps us moving
And I want to be able to trust again,
To have the strength to fight,
Even when hope fades,
To stand in faith, when I feel like giving up.

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  1. In between the prayers and the answers, there is always the waiting and the seeking. Though waiting and seeking can test our faith it is for our own good. I think its good that sometimes He doesn’t answer right away because through that we get to experience Him deeper.

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