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Wanting more

Wanting more

With searching eyes, he looked at her face,   
His eyes pierced her soul, making her heart skip,
As he held her close, he slipped his tongue into her mouth,
His kiss exhilarating, leaving her wanting more,
Engulfed in his warmth and passion, she shivered from the excitement.

Gently unwrapping her like a gift, she let herself be felt by him,
The soft whisper of his breath against her neck, ignited a flame within her,
His hands running all over her, feeling every curve,
Holding him closer, her feet rubbed up and down his leg,
Beginning to lose focus, her flesh cried out for more.

Scratching his back with her nails, the grip of her legs tightened around his waist,
They moved together in ecstasy, their sleek bodies rising in passion,
Arching her back, trembling and moaning, he quavered and quaked,
Wanting to explode all over her, he was on the edge,
With satisfying smiles on their faces, they lay in each other’s arms.

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