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When I met him

When I met him

On the night I met him, I was entrapped by his beauty,
Casually he walked up to me, nervous and excited I was,
His eyes, his chin, his lips, his eyebrows; a work of art,
My insides ached; I couldn’t help but stare.

His hair; dyed half blonde, his eyes; a beautiful blue,
His smile, causing butterflies and knots in my stomach,
With emotion and desire, his handsome face drew me in,
I felt like I was starving, but this time not for food.

When we met again, those feelings became much more,
Pleading for his pleasure, I wanted to feel his breath on my neck,
Pressed against each other, our lips wrestled for a while,
I allowed myself to indulge; to the power of his warm touches.

Looking deep in my eyes, he said, ‘We can’t be alone together, not anymore’
‘You can’t love someone like me, I have to let you go’ he added,
I gave a twisted smile and whispered; ‘Love me, choose me, or leave me alone’
And immediately I realized; I was a magnet for dudes with serious issues.

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  1. These words spoke to me. I love the part about you being a magnet for dudes with serious issues. Keep writing 🙂

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