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Precious gift

Precious gift

I look in the mirror and feel so out of place,
Tired of constantly battling my fears,
Struggling with challenges, submersed in despair,
Too afraid to step out, hiding from the world.

I’ve envied the people around me,
Invested in living each day, pushing the limits,
Rising after every fall, learning how to cope and let go,
Living in a world of hope, taking in all God’s glory.

Sometimes I lose sight of who I want to be,
But I’m reminded that life is what I make it,
Learning to stay strong, when pain knocks me down,
Appreciating all the rewards, turning my tears into a smile.

Life can be tough, there is no doubt,
It’s sure not easy, but hopefully it’s bearable,
So precious; a reward that stands on pillars of hope,
In the end, we just want to survive.

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