Perfect Flaws and All

Raw, Unfiltered Thoughts


She beckons you to follow her and you do,
With hunger in her eyes, she gazes at you,
Her body tempting you sensually,
Her lips begging you to get her alone.

Pressing her lips against yours, her tongue explores your mouth,
You lose control, your body screams for her,
Guiding your fingers effortlessly,
Resting them on that promise between her thighs.

Eyes meet briefly and beg for the chance,
You kiss her earlobe, nibbling the bottom of her ear,
Passionate kisses felt in each and every nerve,
Your bodies demanding for more.

Feeling her building climax escape from her, she arches her back,
Moving together in sync, you become one body,
You look up, smile and whisper ‘I want more’ and fall asleep,
Only to wake up the next morning and realize it was just a dream.

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