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This exact moment

This exact moment

I love this month; maybe because it’s the Christmas month and my birth month as well. Today is my birthday. Usually, I would be so excited but I am not feeling it! I should be happy, right? I have a job, a supportive family, crazy friends and a beautiful face that is younger than my age (Yap! I said it).

I have mixed feelings about this day though, I should have taken the day off, but I have too much to do. In reality, my birthday is never quite what I expect. Let’s face it, for most people, birthdays are a big deal; throwing parties, getting surprise visits from friends and family and receiving gifts. For me, I like a quiet day; one spent with family and few friends. I kinda miss being 12. When life was simple and innocent. Looking back, it’s like a million memories flashing every second for all the years; school, university and office….family, friends and teachers…songs and movies…happiness and sadness. But I am grateful to God for his blessings.

I am happy with my life and all but then I wonder…am I really happy? I mean I should be celebrating this day with my friends and family and later on enjoy a sumptuous dinner as the sun sets behind the beautiful skyline and my significant other looks into my eyes and tells me I am incredible and they don’t deserve me…(a girl can dream right?) Unfortunately, that’s not the reality. Oh Yeah! I am sitting here at work, bored af!

I am one year older… I can’t help feeling old…a day closer to my death; but all in all, happy birthday to me and to all the December babies out there!

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