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Why I write

Why I write

I write because I want to express myself; My verbal skills are not top-notch and therefore I prefer to put my thoughts and ideas in writing. At times I am afraid to say some things out loud especially when I’m angry and opt to write instead; at times it’s a way of dealing with difficult situations and it eases my suffering. Writing gives me a voice; I write to heal.

I also write because I want to reach out to people; for me, it’s a way of communicating with strangers without having to worry about them judging me. At times I use writing as a way of perfecting my writing skills in the hope of becoming an editor one day. I have always wanted to be creative, poetic and intelligent just like some of the renowned writers in the world.

Sometimes I get scared of writing but I still feel the urge to write; to be heard, to connect with people and to prove myself. I write because I want to learn and grow.

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