Perfect Flaws and All

Raw, Unfiltered Thoughts


They shared a unique bond, the kind that most people admire,
Considered each other life partners, and built special plans,
Both had dreams, they hoped to fulfill together,
With their hearts un-fractured, they smiled with pride.

With a mix of innocence, passion and so much desire, they longed for each other,
Passion burned from underneath their skins, claiming every part of their being,
Like lovers exploding, they didn’t know how to be anything other than intense,
A fierce love that was powerfully addictive, an explosion of heart and soul.

With no regrets or fear, memories flooded through their minds,
Of a moment of passion they couldn’t control, a moment they would never forget,
Trembling with yearning desire, unable to control the outcome,
The passionate heat burnt them, consumed by the fierce love…

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