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The man in my dreams

The man in my dreams

I try to live and reach every night, just to see you one more time

I dream of you most of the nights, it’s all I have since you are gone

Your face is still the same from the last time I saw you

I wonder if you are trying to tell me something

Especially those nights that you appear and say nothing.


Before I sleep I have you in my prayer; yearning for a chance to see you

I close my eyes to visualize your face, your seductive smile

You were so handsome, amazingly wonderful,

As I say my prayers and lie down, I know I’ll see you in my dreams.


I gaze at the dimly lit screen, the trail of thoughts continues

I’m nodding off, signing out of reality; the world goes hazy in a second

I emerge on the other side of the world, where I get to see you every often

It feels so real, but I’m going to wake up in the end and return to my colorless life.


Some nights I can barely make out your features, but I know it’s you

Other nights I see your smiling face; for a moment everything seems like it used to be

The scent of your hair, the colour of your eyes; you smile as I run my fingers through your hair

For in my dreams there you are, but in the morning, you snooze away.


I think of you often, the sounds of quiet calm my mind soothingly

I recall the scenes of my dreams, the cuddling, the smiles, the flirting….

I can hear your voice; deep, soft, and slow in my head

I hope you’ll keep visiting me, as you lay dead on earth.

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