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My cursor has been blinking at me for the last hour. Mainly because I’ve had so many jumbled up thoughts in my head and didn’t know what to share today. Also, I’ve had a beast of a week but I’m grateful. That aside. Do you ever think about death? life after death? Where one goes when they die? if ghosts are real? I was just thinking about that and a crazy thought crossed my mind; how cool would it be, if after one dies, they return as ghosts to handle any unfinished business? So cool! right? And definitely creepy!

If I were to come back as a ghost, it would be to haunt all those who wronged me. Yes, I will come back as one of those vengeful ghosts. Sharon Salzberg says, “We cannot simply forgive and forget, nor should we.” I agree with her.  It’s human nature to do wrong; it’s a whole different story when it comes to forgiving and forgetting. Anyone can forgive, some or a few can forget; I am no exception to that.

Some people are quick to forgive and move on with their lives as they don’t have to walk around with the burden of holding grudges, while others hold on to anger and bitterness and find it difficult to let go. I will be honest with you, if one hurts me in a major way, I forgive them but won’t forget. Anyway, back to the ghosts’ issue. When I am long gone, I will come back to right the wrongs.

I know you are wondering why I can’t rest in peace. One would expect that I would get busy with my afterlife and release any physical or mental affliction I had while alive. It will be exciting to reunite with my loved ones who already left but then I will be on a mission and besides, there is eternity to spend with them. 

My spirit will stick around to settle scores with people who wronged me; some sort of payback. I am sure there will be a few closets, dark corners, and basements waiting for me to take up residence. I may sound vindictive but hey, I am looking forward to working through all those grudges with everyone who wrongs me…one at a time…so watch out darlings!

PS: Thanks for reading this far….You’re weird, but so am I 🙂

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