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Little arguments

Little arguments

My mind is racing in confusion,
It kills me when we fight,
Often, we let pride get in the way,
Our arguments cut deep.

Cruel words yelled in a heated argument,
I can’t begin to explain my disappointment,
Why can’t we be happy?
I want us to make amends.

Is it really worth it? Fighting over small stuff?
Why can’t we just try to work it out?
I know you still care,
My heart belongs to you.

Let’s talk things over,
I know we’ll be okay in the end,
I believe in us and all we share,
And I hope you believe that too.

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  1. I love this. Though I couldn’t help but feel like its directed to someone specific. Lol, who is giving you sleepless nights? Kidding.😅

    Good read

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